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Y99 Chat

It tries to be too many things.

Successfully? Let’s find out.

Y99: The one chat site to rule them all?

If you like fast-paced chatting in groups that Y99 is simply one of the best platforms for you to enjoy your free time. You can meet new people here, talk about things you love, participate in highly active group chats, play games, or just scroll the meme feed when bored! All in all, the platform tries to be a lot of things. The majority of these features work as intended, but some like the extra side apps, don’t really add any real value.

Regardless of its limited flaws, Y99 is mainly an Indian chat platform that is brimming with activity almost throughout the whole day. You will find it easy to start a conversation here. Some groups are also for other Asian countries.

Note that although the platform claims to be home to international users, it is predominantly an Indian chat space. You will find Indians or people from other neighboring countries here. The memes are also specific to the Indian populace. If you want to meet people from India then we think it’s the best platform for that.

Pros and cons of Y99 you should know of



Y99 FAQs

Y99 is a nifty tool to meet new people. Here are answers to some common questions you might have.

#1. Is Y99 safe?

Y99 is one of the safest online chatting platforms out there. Not only does it not have inappropriate messages from random strangers, but its groups with hundreds of thousands of people have strict moderators. It’s a little like Reddit, just more real-time and active.

#2. Can I find girls on Y99?

Indian girls? Plenty. The group chats are full of girls here. You can scroll through the list of all members in the major groups. You will also find them talking in the group chat. As such, it makes it easy to talk with girls online on Y99.

Final verdict on Y99

The group chat is one of the most active group chats you can find on the internet in chat room or random chat platforms. These groups are well-moderated and it turns out, are the primary feature of the platform.

With rich YouTube links, large groups, a meme feed, and so much more, Y99 truly feels like a modern and fresh chat room experience, one that is closer to a true social media network than a place to send inappropriate pictures and messages. We respect the type of user loyalty the platform has harvested.

We recommend Y99 if you are from India or interested in chatting with Indians.