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Shagle is one of the top video chat platforms

for those wishing to talk to strangers online.

Shagle’s best points and its USPs

Shagle might be termed just another ripoff of previous video chat platforms but it has transformed into so much more than that. With a completely refreshed take on chat UI, you can start chatting easily and comfortably without any hassles. The platform allows you to video chat with strangers with intermittent ads. It also gives you a brief blurred display of the video feed to come before it loads fully, so in case it looks like something sexually explicit you can always just click next.

Shagle is a video chatting platform. You cannot begin talking to strangers without turning your webcam on. Text chat is present once you are connected to a stranger, but turning the video on is a prerequisite.

Let’s dissect the platform in pros and cons.

What to look out for when chatting on Shagle?



Troubleshooting some doubts about the Shagle platform

In this section, we are going to be answering some specific and niche questions that users have regarding the Shagle platform.

#1. Is Shagle better than Omegle?

No, it’s not. Omegle is far superior in terms of the userbase and quality of chat. In terms of moderation, Shagle is significantly behind and others such as Ome TV are remarkably better. All in all, Shagle tops no chart, it is just a sufficient alternative to other more popular services that has been growing in popularity pretty slowly.

#2. Is Shagle legit?

Shagle is a legit platform for video chatting with strangers. You can get going without having to sign-up or register. Just click the big button that says Start and then click on the Next arrow on the right-hand side to move to the next person’s video feed.

#3. Is Shagle safe?

Shagle is as safe as any other popular online video chat platform can claim to be. Every once in a while, you will see something sexually explicit. Regardless of what gender or interests you type in. These people are everywhere. In terms of spammers and scammers, the platform is fairly clean. All in all, we wish for the Shagle team to invest in decent moderation. There is a tool to report users, but we are very doubtful of its effectiveness, in case any action ever is taken on these reports, that is.

#4. Is Shagle free?

Shagle is completely free. All it needs is a browser, internet, and webcam feed. However, they will advertise their VIP package non-stop. The VIP package, apparently, helps you find more girls. This works to some extent as they reserve girls for the VIP package specifically.

#5. Can I find women on Shagle?

It’s hard to find girls on Shagle. You will keep circling back to the same men who have their camera pointed at their crotch every few times.

In conclusion: Shagle is a pretty robust platform for fun and enjoyment

Shagle is definitely not one of the best of the bunch. In their official literature, they even ask you to update Flash to avoid camera errors. Flash! Adobe Flash was completely phased out (reached End of Life) from browsers and the whole internet in December 2020. Websites started using alternatives in 2016-17.

However, if you are having a streak of bad luck elsewhere, what harm could it be? Also, if you simply want to increase your options for talking to strangers, Shagle can most definitely provide a fresh breath of air.

The platform has its fair share of problems and dangers, and we recommend you understand these dangers before venturing out.