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Ome TV

Ome TV puts people wanting to have meaningful

conversations in the same bucket.

Ome TV video chat review

Perhaps the leading USP of the Ome TV platform (and consequently the cause behind its exploding popularity) is that there are no fakes. Ome TV requires sign-up before you can chat. To go fake you will need a fake social media account first, which is simply too much trouble and trolls would rather stick to Omegle and other platforms that don’t require sign-ups.

Ome TV only allows video chats with text, so if you don’t allow access to your webcam or don’t have a webcam, you cannot initiate a conversation here. A series of features and parameters put in place on Ome TV make it a better and a worse system at the same time when compared to other similar platforms. How? Let’s find out in our Pros and Cons section below.

Ome TV chat - the good and the bad...



Ome TV - How it works?

People have a lot of questions regarding Ome TV. Ome TV has a handy FAQ page on its website that easily answers more general queries, so you can have a look at that. Here, we will answer more specific questions in your mind

#1. Does Ome TV work?

Ome TV might not be the most active stranger-chatting video platform out there, but it’s definitely an active community. So yes, it works. In some cases, you might need extra time, however.

#2. Why is it called a social network? Is it really one?

Ome TV has some features that stretch beyond “online chatting with strangers”. It does fit that description but does a little more than that. You can get followers by posting pictures, checking out user profiles, making friends, messaging friends and followers, viewing photos of people, etc. All these features are symbolic of a social network. So yes, in a way the platform is slightly more than a video chat platform and extends into the social media territory. It can be a great thing for many while an unnecessary decoration for others.

#3. Can I find charming girls to talk to on Ome TV?

In all of our research on all types of random online video chatting and text chatting platforms, we have not found a single platform that self-claims to be for “the guys”. They mention, specifically, that boys are looking for girls on the platforms and girls are “willing to talk to boys”. Well, they are not just clear but absolutely right. Mostly only boys and men use the platform and all they want to do is meet and talk with females. As it turns out, you can’t set your preferred gender. You can select your own, but the engine is overloaded with males, so your chances of finding girls every time are slim. On average it will take a dozen tries to get one female.

So, should you use Ome TV? Is it a good Omegle alternative?

Ome TV is a great alternative to Omegle. It might not be the best video chat platform, but it surely has some great features going for it. All in all, it might sound like a platform loaded with bells and whistles nobody asked for. In the worst case, it might make people avoid it altogether simply because of its sign-up requirement. But when you truly want to enjoy conversations and avoid low-quality chats with random strangers, or when you wish to avoid spammers and trolls – Ome TV might just come out as a great option for you.

We recommend Ome TV to all audiences who wish to take part in civilized and high-quality discussions. Note that even with its sign-up requirements and stricter moderation than seen otherwise, it’s not a platform recommended for younger audiences (technically, it’s 18+ still).

If you are looking for an Omegle alternative then this is simply the best platform for you. It is loaded with perks and features of all kinds, developed after a lot of thought and research. We are sure that you will enjoy every aspect of the platform.