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Chatroulette - Video Chat Online

The main idea of Charoulette is to connect people to chat randomly with the help of a webcam and the internet.

Chatting is a good way of getting new acquaintances and meeting new people. One can be able to talk to strangers, and eventually be friends with them. Chatroulette is one of those sites that allow you to meet new friends and talk to strangers. It is a Russian web service that allows people to talk to different people, whether they know them personally or not. Users can also talk to people through webcam conversations.

History of Chatroulette

Is it a success story? Yes, it is, as its founder, Andrey Ternovskiy has become rich and world famous and he has some plans to establish a company in the US (so he is about to be very rich), according to his interview in the New York Times. Yes, as the number of visitors has peeked at 1.5 million after 6 months of launching Chatroulette in November 2009. The word next has become a verb: if you are nexted, your chat stranger has selected another chat partner. Furthermore, the idea of random connection with webcam has its followers.

Is Chatroulette a nice story? Well, not really. As according to some visitor recalls, it mainly gives videos of masturbating men or worse, instead of providing only nice experience of meeting interesting people all around the world. Besides adoration, Chatroulette has provoked indignation, as well.

What are the sanctions? So, from now on, there is an age limit of 16 for users on the site of Chatroulette, warnings of adult content appear on the entry page and some perverse users may end up being banned from the site for about 40 minutes or so. (Any other visitors without webcam and microphone connected are also denied from the site, of course.)

"No wonder lasts over three days." There are some other sites specialized on "adult content" that create their community of people of similar sexual orientation. There is another type of webcam chat sites that try to collect some topics from visitors and then select the couples to chat from within the same topic, so that they have something common to chat about. A third type of site like Chatroulette reveals anonymity partially as it collects visitors from Facebook that displays some base user data.

Considering the idea of Chatroulette itself, it is brilliant: using all existing technological accessories and features, with the help of some coding, some high-end servers in Germany and continuous improvement in bandwidth, anyone can get a free online chatting room to anyone selected randomly in the world, in any time. There are no other limits, no spatial distance, no hidden faces.

Anonymity has got two sides here. You can show yourself, you can see the face of others. But nobody will know your name, age, email address, occupation and location, if you do not want. You can change your chat partner any time, just clicking Next moving to the next user selected randomly. (You can also be nexted, by the way as it is mutual.)

Some people use it as a game, enjoying the excitement and play, maybe together with friends. Others take it seriously and try to date with others or to make connections. Or some people get addicted to it, eager to learn about the all happenings of the world in the same time. Others are just bored or curious to watch and hear others and to share part of their lives with them for awhile. The world is about sincere relationships with some excitement, isn't it? The self-made (and half-naked) showmen (with some partners) are just pure examples for this.

How Chatroulette works?

Well basically you go to the chat roulette website, enable your cam, let the site access your website and then click new game, as soon as you do that you are randomly connected to another user, this could be anyone from someone playing with themselves or someone sleeping, if you don’t like the look of them you can click next at any time and move onto another person.

Getting Next-ed

One of my major gripes with chat roulette is you get next-ed a lot, and I mean a lot, the chat roulette lot are a pretty shallow bunch to be honest, which is one of the major downsides to the website, so you might spend an hour on the site, just bouncing from one person to another without even one conversation.

Its Pretty Clever

In fact the setup is pretty clever, as the site is a very simple script and doesn’t use much bandwidth at all. So you have no worries about needing a big server with loads of bandwidth to run the site.

No doubt there are 100s of clones now all variants on this theme.

Security Issues

The security issues are tackled pretty simply, there isn’t any at all, a simple message saying you must be over 16 to use the site and that’s your lot, so the site is not safe at all but since when has that put anyone off using chat sites and communities.

No doubt every liberal in the land will be asking for a panic button at the drop of a hat once they realise how easy chat roulette is to get into.

Here is a decent video I managed to find about Chat Roulette, pretty good stuff

Chatroulette Tends To Worry Many Parents

There are many parents who are sceptical about Chatroulette. The case maybe because of the wrong publicity in regards with Chatroulette and Chatroulette alternatives or other chat rooms for teen. These days’ kids are surely glued to such means, plus the social networking sites are an additional addiction. So, if the worry is in terms of the time they spend on the internet surfing such websites, then you should keep a track with your kids.

Parents these days either leave their children to do what they feel like doing or pressurise them so much that they end up doing things that maybe incorrect. Chatroulette just like any other means of socialising has its own set of disadvantages. So, if the user, who is your child in the question, if he or she is able to use such socialisation within the designated limits or not is what should be checked on for. As mentioned earlier, the disadvantages are inevitable existing, to which one needs to personally avoid being associated with as much as one can.

You could also try placing the computer what your child uses in such a location which maybe in your way of movement in the house. You don’t really have to sit next to your child and see all the time what he or she is up to. Such things need to be done carefully, for the children get the slightest hint of it, the circumstances could be unpredictable.

So, as a parent if you wish to make sure what your child is up to and how you should go about keeping a track, then read up on the internet for the concerned information. Surely there are many people, parents per se who jump into their Childs personal space, this however may not be the right thing to do. so, it is better you know what you should do and what is right and then should go about taking such a major step.