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Chatiw comes with a host of nifty perks.

Talk with a random stranger.

Chatiw review overview

The platform reached its popularity in 2015-16, and since then has been seeing an ever-dwindling number of users.

Chatiw has been down in many countries for the better part of 2022. They have finally hit the final nail in the coffin and sent the website on an indefinite maintenance mode in these countries, perhaps for a complete overhaul or revamp. Meanwhile, they have focused strongly on their smartphone app.

Chatiw provides a simple interface: all the online people on the left side and the chat on the right side. You can pick anyone from the list and send them a message. You will see their location and age, which they fill. All in all, Chatiw is a slightly different take on random chat. Instead of giving you random people to talk to, the platform simply gives you a list of everyone online. You can choose then, from the list, who to talk to. Their username, gender, and age are shown in the list so you can make your own choices as per your preference.

All the good and bad things about using Chatiw



Frequently asked questions about the Chatiw

Let’s go over some common questions and doubts faced by netizens when it comes to using Chatiw.

#1. Why is Chatiw not working?

Chatiw has gone under maintenance for the better part of 2022. People have requested all they could on Facebook and via mail, but they are yet to announce a day for it coming back to life. The good part is that it is not banned in all countries. You can use a VPN to access the Chatiw platform right now. Use a different country, and don’t use overused free VPN services because Chatiw knows these IP addresses and will block them.

#2. Is Chatiw better than Omegle?

Chatiw’s main competitors are not Omegle, Ome TV, Shagle, and the like. It is predominantly a chat room, not a primarily one-on-one chat application. As such, it fights for attention against platforms such as FreeChatNow, WireClub, and Chat Avenue. Just as you cannot compare apples to oranges, it is pretty pointless to compare Omegle or other one-on-one video random chat services to Chatiw. In Chatiw, you get to make your own choice for who you wish to talk to. No engine makes this choice for you. In comparison to Chat Avenue, it is slightly worse in that there are no dedicated chat rooms, but it is better in terms of active users at a given time.

#3. Is Chatiw a chat room or random chat?

It’s neither. Chatiw is not a chat room because there are no chat rooms. It is like a single general chat room with all the members listed but no main chat. You can initiate a conversation with any of the members at will. It is also not a random chat service because you can’t randomly talk with anyone. You have to pick someone from the list. The picking process can be random, of course, but no engine decides (randomly) whom you will share chat time with next.

How good is the whole Chatiw chat experience?

Chatiw is one of the hidden gems of the olden times. It has been pretty slow to adapt to the changing needs of people. This shows in its poor UI marred with bugs and problems, making the whole website feel a little clunky to touch. However, in what it does, only a few can beat Chatiw. It boasts of a very active and large userbase, and it allows you to choose who to talk to. Yes, there are obvious problems such as spam messages, but for the most part, you are in the clear because spamming you or targeting you with inappropriate content without your permission is quite hard, given you are just a name in a list of a thousand.

Chatiw is seemingly more powerful than a lot of other, sometimes more popular, stranger chatting platforms. We explained its plus points as well as its negatives throughout this review and that is enough to understand why the platform racks in thousands of active users daily.

You can surely try Chatiw and if you like it, we are sure you would be spending countless hours on the platform over the next few months.