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Do you want to have a good time with strangers online?

Check our vigorous review below. 

Bazoocam - Chatting with random strangers just got a whole lot of fun!

International video chatting app to talk with strangers – when you hear that surely some other names come to your mind. But today let’s talk about a fairly undiscovered gem that is brimming with meaningful activity and fun. Bazoocam started in 2010 and has since grown into a massively active community of people willing to talk with each other online. In this review, we will dissect the important features and key aspects of Bazoocam and how it compares with its closest competitors.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Key features of Bazoocam

As you would expect, Bazoocam allows you to chat with anyone on the internet. To chat with Bazoocam, all you need is an internet connection and a browser – desktop or mobile. Bazoocam’s video random chat comes with a set of amazing perks that you will fall in love with.

#1. Know the stranger

Bazoocam’s video random chat allows you to know some information about the stranger you are talking with. Most importantly, it automatically tells you their sex and location, including how far away they are from you. This makes sure you don’t end up talking to a person who is not a good fit for you – for example, someone who is unrealistically far when you are looking for someone close by.

#2. No sign-up

You can start a chat with anyone almost instantly once you land on the Bazoocam website. Their website UI is so simple that they even keep the “Over 18” prompt pre-checked to save a few seconds. Just open the website and click Start to get going, it is that simple.

#3. Strong European membership

Bazoocam has a fairly dominant European userbase. If you are anywhere in Europe or wish to talk to people from Europe then Bazoocam is simply the go-to video random chat tool for you. It also has a large US and South American userbase.

#4. Webcam-based social network

Bazoocam is a webcam-first social network. It’s not meant for text chats only, or text chats first. Users typically keep their video feeds on by default and every time you hop over to the next stranger, you know precisely who you are talking to. Don’t like them? Simply hit next. Like them? Get the conversation going. No more wasting time getting to know the stranger well only to understand that they do not fit with your outlook.

#5. Bazoocam games

Tired of having to start conversations? Getting stuck in talking to strangers? Well, don’t fret. Bazoocam has just the solution to this problem that many of us face. When you find it hard to keep a conversation going or to start a conversation, you can start a game with a stranger such as Tic Tac Toe or Tetris to relieve some of the tension. Alternatively, it also works if you are simply looking for some company and not necessarily stimulating, long conversations.

#6. Area-based connections

You can choose to limit where the engine finds strangers for you. Isn’t that neat? Bazoocam’s geolocalization algorithm pairs you with people who are within a specific radius of you, or who are closest to you in proximity. This toggle is also turned on by default when you hit Start.

#7. Constant moderation

With the help of over three dozen moderators, you can expect the quality of random video chat experience on Bazoocam to be truly high. Their mod staff is quite active and anyone who breaks the rules gets banned within 20 days. One of the rules is to keep your clothes on (no nudity), and their mod staff will quickly get rid of anyone who tries out any form of nudity in one fell swoop. This keeps the community fairly decent and fun to be a part of.

#8. Multiple language support

Bazoocam supports multiple languages such as French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish. As we mentioned earlier, Bazoocam is predominantly a European video chat room so they currently mainly support European languages only apart from English. If you wish to experience chats with people in your region, in your language, then Bazoocam makes it extremely easy for you to feel comfortable and at ease. The total languages Bazoocam supports (in alphabetical order):

#9. Costumes and activities

Bazoocam has historically applauded and encouraged its users to sort of spice it up in their own harmless way by using masks, costumes, props, playing music, playing games, doing activities, etc. This ensures that you get to experience a wholly different type of video random chat when you chat with Bazoocam.

Bazoocam - final verdict

Overall, Bazoocam is a fun place to be. Apart from the nine amazing features we mentioned above, there is more.

For example, Bazoocam allows you to add strangers to your friend list to find them again later (for this you need to sign-up with them, of course), building upon its “social network” brand image rather than just being a video chat tool. Additionally, you can also add your status to be fun or to describe yourself.

Suffice it to say that the developers of the Bazoocam platform have put in a lot of thought and effort to create the ideal random video chat social networking platform online. And it would be a shame if everyone in the world trying to meet strangers didn’t try it.

We highly recommend Bazoocam. With all its amazing and carefully thought-out features, it is simply one of the best ways to connect with strangers online, chat online, do some video random chat, and have fun in general. Chat with Bazoocam today and see for yourself before making up your mind.